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About The DotComUnity Disability Directory

The original concept behind The DotComUnity Disability Directory was created in 2008 by The Care Division, a Poole based learning disability care provider, as a website directory to help clients, carers, families and service providers quickly and simply access the products and services they needed in Dorset and Hampshire.

In September 2008 after 3-months of operation, The Care Division decided to set up the directory as a social enterprise in its own right, and roll out the service across the UK and over the last 5 years, the directory has grown to become the UK’s number 1 free online disability services with over 71,000 contribtors.

Anyone that requires care and support services, their family, friends, loved ones and support workers - professionals and service providers involved in their care - are able to use the directory to find the events, products and servicse availale across the UK.

Through this site we look to reintroduce people into their communities and put them in touch with others.

This simple, easy to use and completely FREE, directory allows you to stay up to date with the events and activities taking place in your area. It covers every area of life and lets you know what exists to support you and the people around you.

All we ask in return is that you get involved with your community by rating the services on offer and by giving feedback. Find It! Use It! Rate It! Try new things and, in turn, help encourage other to get involved.

Since the creation of The DotComUnity Disability Directory in 2008, DotComUnity has also introduced a membership scheme to allow members to benefit from access to a variety of additional Member Benefits.

To find out more about DotComUnity Membership please visit www.dotcu.org.uk

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