Patients comment


Under the Dot Community Health model 80-90% of patients are seen by their doctor on the same day that they call. It’s unsurprising that 70% of patients rate the new system as better.

Let’s hear what they have to say:

“Trying to get through before taking the kids to school was a nightmare, and even worse ringing back after 9am and all the appointments had gone and told to ring the next day. Now you can get through anytime and get sorted the same day.” School mum, aged 39

“I don’t worry about getting appointments in advance now – am prepared to wait and call when I need it.” Female, aged 76

“I feel that I am in more regular contact with my GP who knows me well.” Male, aged 71

“I always get an excellent service now from my practice. I always get a call back from my own doctor at a time that suits me – I can’t fault the new system at all!” Female, aged 38

“I had an appointment arranged half an hour after I got a call back from my doctor…this is an especially good service for the elderly and those with young children.” Male, aged 32

“I was able to get an answer over the phone that my test results weren’t back yet and the doctor arranged to have them chased up for me.” Female, aged 83

“My 28 week old baby was seen straight away….very good service.” Mother, aged 26

“Dot Community Health means you don’t have to take time off work to get an appointment because you know you will be seen if you need to be.” Patient, aged 55