Farewell Health for You. Hello Dot Community Health

We are pleased to announce that from today Health for You becomes Dot Community Health.

A problem became apparent between ourselves and RERS patient portal for online bookings, also called Health for You.  By agreement with RERS, we have moved to a new company name, new web address, new emails and new identity.  Our part is to gain a three year partnership with RERS.  Benefits will flow to both parties and to practices and patients (though it in no way affects our work in practices with other clinical systems).

We take this opportunity to bring you a new logo:


Warmer colours.  Cleaner lines.  Again, the relationship between two people - though now one is clearly a clinician, emphasising a therapeutic relationship.  There is no technology involved, because this is the means not the end, and technologies change. There’s a closeness, emphasising continuity, just as important to GP and patient as access.  The whole is wrapped in what appears as a speech bubble, emphasising communication.

We hope you like it.

What stays the same is our vision:  “to transform access to medical care”.


Dr Sara Cowell

8th July 2024


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