Patients - never again struggle to see your GP

Has yours taken up this idea? The GP phones all the patients who ask for medical help.

1.  You phone the surgery

2.  The doctor calls you back - usually within the hour

3.  You are always seen if needed - and will be offered a same day appointment

Patients can be spoken to and seen much faster than with the traditional model.  In most surgeries you can ask to see a particular doctor if that is important to you, for example if you have seen one recently.   Our research has shown that with such speedy access, many patients who would have suffered in silence or gone to A&E, are instead speaking to their doctor and receiving first class service from someone who knows them.

What do patients think of the new service?  Practices who have recently launched ask a random selection of patients what happened when they called, how soon they spoke to the doctor and whether it was their usual doctor if they minded.  Finally, they ask whether compared with the old system the new one is better, the same or worse.

Live report here from this month’s survey.

You are welcome to comment on the system on our Patient feedback page.