Changing the way you think

Traditionally general practice has run by offering a supply of slots, to be filled with grateful patients.  It has led us to the point where GPs tell us they are “drowning”, everyone stressed and unhappy.  The new way of thinking is demand led - how can we predict the demands of our population and meet them in the most effective and efficient manner?

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It starts with a call to the practice as usual, but then everything is different.

For the patients:

  • Speaking to a GP within minutes
  • Always offered to be seen same day
  • Usually able to see a preferred GP.

For doctors:

  • Over time stress is reduced
  • You control your day as you decide who to see
  • Professional satisfaction from dealing with the right patients

For receptionists:

  • You can say ‘Yes’ to patients
  • More fulfilling work - you have time to solve many enquiries directly

For practice managers:

  • You regain control through predictable patient demand
  • Your staff satisfaction rises, and stress falls
  • Patients spread the word about good access and your list grows

For the NHS:

  • A&E attendance is reduced, as patients have confidence in their own GP

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